Get ‘EM right between the ears

Audio is the perfect medium for telling stories and spreading ideas.

First Create The Media’s production team has 15 years’ experience in radio and podcasting for a wide range of organisations from the BBC to corporate clients, universities and charities.

We’re experts in producing high-quality, compelling audio that grows and engages audiences.

For example, our Genetics Unzipped podcast for the Genetics Society is reaching 8,000 subscribers every week after just six months, with listeners all over the world.

Check out this recent episode from our series exploring 100 ideas in genetics, commissioned for the Society’s centenary, exploring the stories of the double helix, the triplet code, and the Punnett Square.

We also team up with expert producers and animators to storyboard and create engaging video content.

We’ve worked with… The Genetics Society, UK Biobank, the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, NHS Cancer Vanguard and the Galton Institute. 

If you'd like to discuss how audio and video could help to tell stories about your science, just get in touch.