Effective science communication is vital - not only for explaining the importance and impact of research to the public, media and funders, but also for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Designed for scientists and others with a strong scientific background in academic, industrial, commercial and professional settings, this set of three interwoven one-day workshops focuses on storytelling and sparkling language for effective and inspiring communication, and examines how the changing media landscape is providing new ways to tell compelling stories about research.

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1: Storytelling for scientists

You will learn:

  • About the importance of narrative and storytelling in science communication

  • About the basic elements of story structure and the key components of a strong story

  • How to find the plot, characters and emotions in a piece of scientific research and use them to construct a compelling story

2: Do you speak ‘Scinglish’?

You will learn:

  • About the role of language in effective science communication

  • How to summarise complex research in simple, sparkling sentences

  • Jargon-busting, creating effective analogies and communicating statistics clearly

3: Hitting the headlines

You will learn:

  • How scientific stories get into the news

  • 'Old media, New media and You media' - what the changing media landscape means for science communication

  • How to build positive relationships with press officers and journalists

  • Top tips for effective communication through the media

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